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“I traveled to distant lands across the world but never could I truly find a place to settle. Eventually I found this tiny little island. The villagers were wary of me and yet again, I was an outcast. But then I met the person I would come to know as mother. It was then I knew,

This is home.”


Chapter 1: Change

Warm water laps at her feet and her lips curve upwards from the comfort they bring. With bubbling excitement, she brings a small hand up, palms facing the blue horizon. Her hands dance with practiced grace and the motion bleeds to the rest of her. A small pillar of water rises and twirls around, moving in tandem with the child. A golden anklet decorates her lone foot in the water, holding her steady as she holds out her hands towards clear skies, her other foot hovering over the water’s surface. The water circles the child’s arms like ribbons and pools into her cupped hands. 

Eyelashes flutter and behind them a sky of ravaging winds and unforgiving rain. Strength, she was told. Her eyes spoke of abstract strength hidden behind sweet smiles, enforced on tantrums. Waves crash wildly onto sand on such an occurrence, only ever stopping once the child’s volatile temperament is soothed. Sometimes a simple sugary delight is all it took. The elders would sigh in relief and the caretakers would marvel at the child’s innate power. In the center of it all, two proud and joyful parents carrying with utmost care their daughter, a most loving and tender expressions painted on their face. It’s often mixed with a tired amusement.

The girl lets her hands fall slowly to her side and looks back to the people, her people, gathered on the beach. She walks away from the shallow waters, pale blue cloth swishing behind her and leads up to a golden waistband. She looks up to her mother’s face, eyes boring into the woman’s searching. Her mother’s amber eyes soften and she smiles tenderly as she says, “You’ve done well, Yukio.”

 The child smiles and they both turn to look at the horizon as her mother gently cards her fingers through the child’s raven locks.

“Father should be returning home soon.”


Weeks later, only one lone ship returned to the harbor. Injured men disembarked from the equally damaged ship; it was almost a wasteland in itself. The captain’s face was somber as he walked down beat up planks. Quietly he had whispered,

“War has been waged.”


She races down the cobblestone road, stumbling but she remains steadfast. Her quaint little house comes into view and hastens her pace. She slams he door open and several heads turn to face the sudden addition before pity washes over shock. It only added to her dread. 

“Mother?” she says. She slowly walks towards the hunched figure of the woman. As she nears her mother, she can see her shoulders shake and if she strains her ears, she hear her mother’s sobs. Her mother takes a quivering breath and turns to face her daughter, the only living family the woman has left. Her eyes are red and tears are spilling from her eyes. Her nose is flushed and her hands tremble as they reach for her daughter. 

Yukio feels a part of her die seeing her mother in such a state and wraps her arms around the woman tightly. Her mother clings to her like a lifeline.

Later when the moon’s out and the skies have darkened, she sits cross-legged on the wooden steps and looks up to a sea of bright stars. She hears a creak beside her and from the corner of her eye she sees one of the village elders.


Her father often spoke of her with hushed tones, of the times when youth flowed through his veins and painted his features. Each scrap and bruise was met with a gentle dab of herbal medicine. Each rebuke would be forgotten amongst encouraging words. Yukio’s father never knew his mother but he tells his daughter that he doesn’t need to; through the kind lady Eldoah, he knows how a mother should be. 

Her father would let her sit on his lap near the fireplace and he would tell stories of a young boy finding a home not in his homeland but a place far, far away. Yukio always fell asleep in her father’s embrace. When she woke up, her mother would be there, smiling tenderly as her father snores away on the rocking chair, arms wrapped loose around his beloved child. 

This time, when Yukio opens her eyes, she doesn’t see a fireplace, a beaten old rag, a rough wooden chair or a woolly blanket. She doesn’t see her mother’s smile or her father’s peaceful face. Instead, she sees a face wrinkled with time and wisened with experience. It’s in this moment that Yukio finally remembers that she’ll never see her father again. She closes her eyes and holds the elderly tightly. 

“Let it all out, Yukio. It’s alright.”


The sky is dark when Yukio wakes the next day. She looks at the sleepy sky, still yet to be woken by the warm sun and she’s never felt more awake. She swings her legs off the bed and a creak resounds as her bare feet touch the wooden floor. She stands up almost mechanically and walks out of her room. She enters her parents’ -- mother’s -- room and rouses the bed’s occupant awake. 

“We have to leave now mother.”

Yukio steps back as her mother sits up. Her dark hair curls around her and she slowly blinks brown irises awake. The woman looks at her daughter and nods once. She swiftly gets out of the bed and wastes no time fetching a new change of clothing. Yukio takes it as her cue to leave. As she waits in the living room, she fiddles with the little bag on her lap containing some clothes and small trinkets. She can’t afford to bring any more than those.

She holds a pocket knife in her hand and twists it around. Light bounces off smooth metal and she’s just as captivated as when her father had first given it to her. It was one of the few things he brought with him on his journey to the island he called home. Now, it would be her turn to carry around as she travelled. She wasn’t stupid. There was little to no chance she would ever be able to return to this small little island. Not after this war.

A creak, she tightens her grip on the knife. She takes a glance to the doorway and sees her mother holding a satchel. Her hand relaxes. She returns the knife to her bag and stands up from her position on the floor.

“Let’s go.”

Once they exit the house, they walk down a quiet path leading to the forests. They join the few people who have also been chosen to escape. They walk until the path is nothing but disturbed soil. Yukio’s mother takes her hand and leads them into the forest and they walk until they reach a secluded little beach. They board the handful of small wooden boats floating along the shore.

It’s silent as they paddle away from the island and Yukio is left with nothing but her thoughts. The clear blue sea brings memories of fishing until their arms ache, when she first discovered her prowess over water, of stories her father would tell her as they sit by the shore and the water laps at their feet. They drift away from farther and farther as the island is slowly lost beneath the horizon.

As the island disappears completely from sight, Yukio can’t help but feel as though she’s just left a part of her behind. 

And the Tides will Carry Me Home ch.1
fantasy AU

alternatively titled: my attempt at romance. 
PS - the beginning is her father's words

Annika giggles gleefully as Mizuki throws flowers up into the air. They flutter around the two children like colorful raindrops, some landing in their hair and clothes. Perched atop ginger locks was a flower crown messily crafted by stubby impatient fingers. Stray ginger strands frames Annika’s face and she opened her eyes to reveal a pair of mismatched orbs. Her hands hover over a mop of ebony hair, another flower crown in their grasp, better crafted than the other. Slowly, she crowns her friend with the utmost care, tongue sticking out and eyes narrowed --a testament to her focus. Drawing back, Annika takes in the sight of her friend. Dark locks framed a round face, well acquainted ocean orbs hidden behind closed eyelids and a soft smile perched on her lips. 

“Hey, Annika?” Dark blue eyes peer up at Annika inquisitively, before Mizuki sits up straighter, firmer, as manners long engraved into the eight year old tells her to. Annika places her hands daintily on her lap --like a princess, Mizuki thinks faintly-- and shifts her attention to her friend sitting parallel to her. Wordlessly, she nods lightly.

“Let’s be best friends forever.” Annika’s mismatched eyes widen as she quietly stares on, waiting. Mizuki continues,

“Promise me.” She holds out her hand, pinky pointing at Annika whom looks at the outstretched hand briefly before tentatively wrapping her own pinky around Mizuki’s. A small smile blooms on the young girl’s face, unaware of the troubles that await them.




“Just go already!”

Annika looks down and clenches her fist. Tears well up and she shuts her eyes fiercely. Taking a shakey breath, she walks to the door and the twelve year old closes her hand around the handle. She looks over her shoulder, at the hunched figure of Mizuki and she can’t bear to leave without saying something, anything.

“I....I’ll...write.” She finishes lamely and slips out of Mizuki’s bedroom, closing the door behind her quietly. 

As soon as the door clicked shut, tears fall from where they gathered at the edges of plaintive blue eyes. 

“Don’t leave me.”


Why do you have to leave so soon?

Why do you have to go?

Why do you have to leave me when I needed you the most? 


Mizuki fidgets with her phone, stuck in a cycle of typing and erasing. 

Hey, how’s it goin? |

How is |

Are you |

I miss you |

Mizuki pauses, finger hovering over backspace. 

A light breeze, leaves dancing to the wind’s tune, grass tickling their toes, hair flying into faces, there’s sputtering and spitting, a whine and a laugh. Bright eyes look into her own, crinkling up and the corners of her mouth rise. 

It would be easy. With the push of a button, the simple three worded message would be delivered to it’s recipient, intent clear as day and unmistakable. 

Rain pours down angrily from darkened skies, drenching her down to her bones, she shivers and red, puffy eyes look up to the horizon, plaintive. In her hands, a letter crumpled from her iron grip. 

I just arrived in Tokyo. It’s so different from Miyagi! I met some new people too. 

Mizuki erases the message completely and locks her phone before shoving it into her pocket.


Cause I don't really know how to tell ya without feeling much worse.

I know you're in a better place and it's always gonna hurt. 


Mizuki finds an odd piece of paper jutting out from underneath her textbooks and curiously, she lifts them up and picks the paper up. It’s old and yellow and the words were smudged. Mizuki lays on her bed and scans the paper’s contents.

Her breath comes out in a stutter and her hands tremble as they grasp the paper tightly. She gently places paper on the nightstand and burrows her face into her pillow. When she lifts her head, a teary smile rests on her lips as she stares fondly at an impossibly neat and painfully familiar handwriting.

I miss you :<


Carry on, give me all the strength I need.

To carry on. 


Mizuki cries out in relief, stretching out tired limbs and relishes in finally finishing the last of her exams. From behind her Rukia clasps her shoulder and grins. Mizuki returns the gesture. They walk out of the school campus, chatting of the little misshaps over the course of the day. They walk down familiar streets and into a cozy little coffee shop, The Little Titan the sign reads, and they both smile at the friendly face of the owner’s son, Eren. They sit themselves at a table by the window. 

Mizuki’s phone chimes just as Rukia finishes her grand tale of the epic food fight during Home Economics. She takes her phone out and reads the message. A grin breaks out and her eyes shine when she looks at Rukia. 

“How would you like to meet a dear friend of mine?”


It's been a long day without you my friend,
and I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.
We've come a long way from where we began.
Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. 

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