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She didn't know what exactly it was that drew her to Kagami Taiga. Daiki thinks she must be insane. To her right, Satsuki patiently tells her that she's always been one of the more, ah, eccentric bunch. She must be to have been a part of the Generation of Miracles. Daiki snorts at him. She grows silent after that though. So maybe he was right. There's no way Daiki was ever telling him that. Knowing him, he probably knew it already. And she's getting off topic again. Daiki forces herself back on her previous thought.

Now, in terms of looks, Kagami was definitely not an eyesore. More like eye candy really. Not that she paid much attention. She didn't. Besides, if she really were just looking for someone attractive she could have just gone with Kise. So it couldn't be that.

His skills maybe? He did beat her in a match. Although that hasn't ever happened again in their succeeding one-on-ones. It amuses her each time his face scrunches up in frustration. Which only increases when he's reminded of the fact that he now has to buy her burgers.

Sometimes he brings her to his home when he decides to cook instead because in his words,

"Eating burgers all the time is unhealthy, idiot."
"I know that stupid."

Then she stays a little longer and they manage to talk with minimal arguments. (more like banter at this point) And if Daiki comes to school the next day feeling just a little more energized after that, then that's her business and hers alone. Satsuki should stop smiling at her all knowingly. It's getting on her nerves. 

And so that's theory number three. There are many things Daiki will never admit about Kagami. Or at least to his face. His amazing cooking skills is not one of them.

She makes it a point to compliment his dishes each time in her own Aomine-like way. Or in other words, she compliments and insults him at the same time. Not for a lack of trying (read: Satsuki forces her to) . The last time she's said a compliment, and only that mind you, Imayoshi immediately asked her if she was sick. Maybe, just maybe, she'll try again for Kagami. 

If only to see that stupid face he makes when he's happy. It has nothing to do with the fact that she feels warmer after. Never mind that she doesn't even point it out. Or that she herself smiles the teeniest bit back at him. (Kuroko has decidedly not told her of the fact that her smile was not, in fact, small from what few moments he has seen them share where they don't bicker. Like a couple, Kuroko notes in amusement.)

Daiki doesn't understand a lot of things about Kagami. Like the way her heart pounds harder when he grins after somehow outmaneuvering her. She blames it on adrenaline. And then there's that weird constricting feeling she gets when she sees him happily chatting away with that yosen guy that's always with Atsushi. Himura or something. (This she can't quite explain away.) She could care less if he was gay or bi or whatever. She didn't care. 

"Whatever you say, Dai-chan." is what Satsuki always tells her, pink eyes crinkled up in an exasperated amusement. 

Okay, so maybe it's less on Kagami and more of her reactions to him. But it doesn't matter. It just didn't. Shut up, Satsuki. 

What Daiki does know and will vehemently agree on is that Kagami is the biggest idiot she's ever met. What makes him think he can just waltz up to her and the poor soul who thought he could hit on her and say they're dating. The fact that she didn't deny it notwithstanding. Shut up, Tetsu.

Later that day, with what'shisface safely gone and it's just the two of them, Daiki and Kagami, he shyly asks her if it's okay that they date. She calls him an idiot. He gets annoyed but she stops him before he can say anything.

"But I'm an even bigger idiot for actually agreeing. Is your stupidity infectious or something?"

He grins at that. And that's how they started dating. So maybe she does like him a little. (a lot) She's not telling him that. At least not anytime soon.
I Don't Like Him, Really
Wanted to write something then this happened.

Fem!Aomine because why not. 

none of these characters belong to me of course If they did, aokaga would be canon...

It hadn't been love at first sight. No. More like hate at first sight really. But then he goes and shows her his raw talent and her eyes widen a tiny bit, so barely even there you wouldn't even notice. And it all started from there.


He'd finally done it. He finally bested the unbeatable queen. She looked at him distantly after her feet touched the ground. She stood there silently as the realization sunk in.

'Never again' she thought, 'not anymore. He's done with me.' He looked at her then. And she knew. She knew as soon as his fiery orbs put all their attention on her. She was in love. It was confirmed the moment he uttered his next words.

"Let's play again."

She had let out a breath she didn't even she was holding. 'Yeah, again.'


They got closer over the course of high school. Always pushing each other to do their best, be the best. Sometimes when his hands brush hers, it gives her a tingly feeling and she would feel her pulse quicken oh so slightly. She hated that. She hates how he made her want to dress up, brush her hair and all those unfamiliar girly things her friend had tried to convince her to do. She hated how warm and content she felt when he smiled. Genuine, unplanned, rare. She hated how she always, always smiled a teeny bit when he did.

And yet, as she stood there at the entrance to his school's gym, she faintly thinks that she never did hate it. Not really.

He softly mutters, inaudible, away from her prying ears. And then they both smile, gentle and content. She was an intruder, an outsider prying into a private moment. She leaves quietly, unnoticed.

As she walks away from the scene, she swears she hears something breaking in the distance. Something akin to a shattering mirror.

'Maybe it's my heart.' she thinks. She hardly reacts when she faintly feels raindrops pelting onto her and onto the pavement.

Funny how it took tears slowly falling down her flushed cheeks as she sat on the floor with her back against her bed for her to admit just how much he meant to her.


They don't talk or hang-out as much anymore; she sees him with her a lot. Sometimes with the others, sometimes just the two of them. They smile at each other and faintly she wonders,

Would he notice if she just......disappeared?


They were growing apart she realized one lazy afternoon at school as she relaxed on the roof deck again. As per usual. Nothing really changed- she made sure of it. 

She didn't how to feel about that. But was for the best? She didn't know anymore. All she wanted at this moment was to stop the knife (heartbreak) from driving further, deeper into her heart, carving in scars beyond her reach.

She thinks of moving somewhere after graduation.


She had been stayed late at her university’s library and she paid the price. Rain poured down heavily and she could only sigh at the sight of raindrops pounding against the concrete pathway. Steeling herself, she took a deep breath. Then she ran.

It was a miracle really, that she saw them sitting there alone, lost. She could barely see beyond the thick rain as it was. This wouldn’t really be a problem now if she hadn’t forgotten her umbrella, which she of course, forgot.

She thinks it was fate that brought two abandoned young girls under her care.


She should’ve seen this coming. Really, she should have. And yet here she was, called in by her daughters’ teacher who turned out to be none other than her. The girl – woman now – she had tried so hard to forget, to leave behind. Of course she would be chased after by her. Of course. She who had always been in her shadow, growing stronger when her light shone brighter. The girl who always lost to her in a battle of skills was the one that had won in a battle of love.

She should be angry really, but all she could feel at this moment was the pent up exhaustion of the daily work load. Honestly, she just wanted this over and done with. Whatever this was, that is.


‘Shouldn’t have’ is slowly becoming the start of nearly every thought she has.

Shouldn’t have left the leftovers on the table.

Shouldn’t have let the brats stay up late.

Shouldn’t have eaten that sandwich on the table.

Shouldn’t have procrastinated on the paperwork.

Shouldn’t have skimmed lazily over the webpage.

Shouldn’t have allowed myself to…

Shouldn’t have



“I shouldn’t have come.”


She felt herself stiffen as blue met red. Both full of shock and wide with expression. And then she turned and ran.

She couldn’t deal with this.

It was too sudden

Why now of all times?

 How did this happen?

How come


Her mind spun, getting messier and messier with each thought. Jumbled and confused, she ran without thinking, without looking back.

Then suddenly she was encased in warmth. Her mind was peacefully clear even as her heart pounded against her chest.

A warm breath tickled her neck and she sucked in a breath sharply.

“I missed you.”


She feels stupid now. And no, it wasn’t like the other many times she has been stupefied. No, this time, she feels exceptionally, truly idiotic.

“You…liked me? All this time and…”

“Well, I wasn’t the one getting buddy-buddy with other very much sought out people.”

“And you definitely weren’t suddenly so cuddly with what’s-his-face.”

“It wasn’t on purpose! Besides, he wasn’t very close to me…not the way she was to you. With the way you two were acting, what was I supposed to think?”

“But I never said that I liked her that way…”

“You’re a big boy now. You can use the L-word, you know.”

“Shut up.”

“And anyway, you didn’t exactly say you didn’t like her that way either.”


“Look, I’ve already wasted enough years for this. Can I kiss you now?”

“That’s not very romantic.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“Excuse me? I-mmph!”


It hadn’t been easy readjusting her routines, her habitual little rituals she had formed. Honestly, she thought she’d be annoyed, maybe even hesitant to the change and yet,

She found herself excited.  The girls were ecstatic to have a father, even going as far as to affectionately call them ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ respectively.

She felt like she was on top of the clouds.


She leaned against the door frame, watching the girls hound their father. He fumbled around, trying to balance a stack of presents. She smiled fondly at the scene playing out in front of her.

It was their first Christmas together. She raised a delicate eyebrow as he walked over to her and pointed his finger upwards. She looked up and,


His lips fell over hers with ease and warmth blossomed in her chest as she pushed lightly against him. She smiled softly when they parted and laughed as her daughters gagged. He brought up their interlaced fingers and pecked her hand right below the shimmering silver band on her ring finger.


“I love you”


“I know….I love you too.”

Ever After
tried to write about a genderbended chara but i think i made her too ooc. 

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